Bob Ranalli, CEO

For over 20 years, Bob has been providing pro audio, technical support and mix engineering for rock bands, jazz groups, big bands, folk musicians, country artists, outdoor festivals and corporate events. He also does church sound installations and consultations. 


Bob's passion for audio started when he was 11 years old when he saw his first set of large speakers set up at a camp he was attending. He was fascinated by the sound and promptly jammed his head into the speaker. Fortunately no hearing damage was sustained, but his soul was moved. Bob was surrounded by music because of his father's business but big audio fixated Bob in a profound way. This experience prompted Bob to build his first speaker cabinet at 15 years old using a set of old television speakers. From that point, Bob continued to be in awe of amplifiers, speakers and microphones while playing in rock bands in high school, college and afterwards. 


For six years after college, Bob worked in Washington D.C. for Music and Arts Center in their repair shop. It was there that Bob really started playing in live bands all over the D.C. Metro area and was introduced to high end audio production.  Bob moved back to Gettysburg and took over the family business of Noteworthy Music. There were many requests for sound system rentals and Bob began to purchase equipment. He bought an old 7-channel mixer, one amplifier and built two speakers from components bought at a local electronics store. Bob used this fledgling system for over a year until he received a phone call from a local favorite hard rock band. They needed a regular sound engineer and Bob took the job and was introduced to large scale club PA and production techniques. 


It was from these humble beginnings that he was able to build a company that has worked with such greats as:  Robert Cray, Blind Boys of Alabama, The Band Perry,  Kevin Eubanks, The Lettermen, The Smothers Brothers,  Gaelic Storm and jazz legends Dave Brubeck Paul Bollenback and The Count Basie Orchestra. He's also worked with celebrities such as James Earl Jones, Bob Newhart, Steven Spielberg, and Vicki Lawrence. In recent years, Bob has taught live audio at The Academy for Media Production in McSherrystown, PA. He has acquired an expertise and well-rounded knowledge of audio production, live music and recording through his diverse experiences. 


Bob has been a trusted business owner in sound production for over 20 years.  He has earned a stellar reputation with local and national acts. His integrity and commitment to excellence is second to none. 

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