We let our work speak for itself.  Hear what others are saying about working with us.

***  "I have been in this business for over 40 years and have found that most high end audio companies have similar top of the line equipment.  What differentiates one company from another is less about equipment and more about customer service and the quality of the audio engineering.  In Bob's case both of these elements are outstanding.  Bob's company supplied audio reinforcement for my company for three years and in each of these cases, he went above and beyond what was required.  They were able to supply excellent equipment, service and engineering for a variety of genres ranging from opera to jazz, to country to rock and more.  I would recommend Bob to anyone needing this type of service." 

                                                                                    Ira Rosen, President


                                                                                    Entertainment On Location

                                                                                    Point Pleasant, NJ


***  "Great audio...I could hear everything!"

                                      Steven Spielberg

                                      149th Annual Remembrance Day at Gettysburg, PA

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